Monday, December 26, 2005

Lord of the King!

Five good reasons why you should watch KING KONG
1. If you are a King Kong fan.
2. If you are a Peter Jackson fan.
3. If you like adventure.
4. If you like action.
5. If you like special effects.

This king size extravaganza is a perfect package for any movie aficionados. Peter is known for his 'Lord of the rings trilogy' that rendered him Oscars. This one is just another feather in his crown that truly makes him the real 'LORD OF THE KING'. The initial build up to the scene when the protagonist arrives to the silver screen is worth mentioning. He keeps the audiences glued to the screen right from the word 'LIGHTS-CAMERA-ACTION'.
Visual effects at its prime movie, this. We've seen many special effects spectacular movies but this is surely an edge ahead of any of its kind. The monster ape not only depicts ferociousness but also his gentle side. Peter has meticulously crafted the emotional scenes between Naomi and the ape. Naomi Watts delivers a very promising performance. A sure BOX OFFICE material.

All of the above is purely my personal opinion.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Santa a myth or.....!!!

HO HO HO Santa is here to fill you with joy and distribute lovely presents that you've been wishing for!!!! Now which kid wouldn't love to hear this?? The kids would love to hear & see Santa Claus visit their homes especially if they are Christians. All kids have their own beliefs about Santa and during that tiny age we dare to think otherwise. This is about a cousin of mine who thought Santa was for real until recently.

The story dates back when my cousin was about 8-12 years old. Cousin's neighbor was a Christian family and she(C-cousin) was very close with their D-daughter of the same age. D used to tell C stories about Santa coming home to give her gifts every year. Santa was hi-tech too coz he had his own email address where kids could write to about the gifts they wanted. Sometimes D used to show C the emails she wrote and the things she asked, to C's surprise D got the exact gifts D had ordered. Now C had no choice but to come to believe that Santa was no fairy tale. C comes home and talks to her dad.

"It is true that Santa lives, and according to my friend D anyone can write to him."

"Write what dear"

"About the things that you need for Christmas"

"And how are you going to do that"

"Write him an email"

"Do you know his address?"

"Yes D told me". (dad didn't want to disappoint her daughter so goes with C's story)

"Ok go ahead and write to him" We'll see if Santa will come home.

C is all smiles, finally she makes her mind and writes to Santa. Dad sees what she's asked for. On Dec 26, Voila!!! the gift is in the balcony. C just cannot control her excitement, if only I had not slept I could've seen Santa come by. This went on for 2 years. Later one day once C was home, her dad sits with her daughter and explains to her.

"Santa did not bring the gift but I put them there"

C looks at her dad, don't know what to say. She didn't want to believe him. How could that be true?

C refuses to come to terms with the truth. She gave in after a while, though back of her mind she still thought there was something about Santa. The jingle bells ringing while he rode down from the sky in his deer sledge. Once C was old enough to know right from wrong she knew her dad was absolutely spot on. But even now C tells me she still wonders if Santa is a myth or not???

All of us must have had such thoughts when we were young and still think if it was only true.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Double Standards--Why are we like that.....???

This is not any from my memories but an opinion I think should be on..

Have we ever thought about this seriously?

We blame the local authorities for not keeping public premises clean. How many among us have really thought what we can do as an individual...very few compared to the other part of the general public. We are right at the top when it comes to the blaming game but none of us think radically. The problem is not restricted to only the uneducated classes(which is understandable), it is widespread among the educated and so called elite class. They are perfect when it comes to keeping their private homes spic and span, but away from home, they have different rules in store. Why??? I've seen numerous occasions when people throw trash right out of their car windows or even spitting for that matter. Talking about spitting, its a kind of a birth right in India. But mind you...the same people, when they are in other countries obey the laws and respect their rules and regulations. We Indians only think about the RIGHTS we have and safely forget our DUTIES. I am not perfect when I write this but I can proudly say I've done my part in this regard. The other day my 4 year old son had a piece of chocolate wrapper in his pocket. When I asked him why it was there, he told me that he did not find a dust bin the school van and did not want to throw it outside, he bought it home to dispose it in our home trash can. Believe it or not. IT IS POSSIBLE.

I have always wondered why we exhibit this sort of double standards.

Is it because of the fear that we are in an alien nation we exhibit the change in character? OR
Does the vast freedom we enjoy in India serve as a prerequisite to be unethical? OR
Is it a purposeful ignorance?

I would say 'PURE IGNORANCE'. Why do we do that? Coz others are also doing it and why not I?-->mentality. We all know what is right but just being ignorant and 'everything goes here' sense of feeling is here to stay, until this is wiped out, we will not change. This holds good for other basic behaviors-
1. Obeying traffic rules which we don't.
2. Traveling without a valid ticket. If not many but there are people who do it for the kick of it. Will you do it anywhere else????

With this BLOG I am not going to change India overnight but atleast I can convey what I feel is right through this medium. I'm sure many who read this will agree with me. These are for sure trivial things but at the same time a serious topic each of us should think about.

Lets do something for a change!!!!