Friday, January 06, 2006

The English Malayalee!!!

This blog is dedicated to all the English malayalees out there! Read on...

English has become a very widely spoken language in India. We could call it the world language. But does it have to be at the cost of our mother tongue. I'm not against the english language but it shouldn't be that our languages are forgotten. I say this because there are many out there who prides in saying ‘I don’t know malayalam’. That’s what I’m against, why should a person well versed in English don’t show half as much interest in learning their native language. There are yet some others who think that Malayalam is a under rated language, it does not suit to their culture (whatever that means). Culture… did I write that correct??? When did he fall into the English culture haha…….? Maybe only he can tell. We don’t become an American if in America or English if in UK, we WILL always be an INDIAN MALAYALEE however we look at it.

We move on to new frontiers pursuing our careers or driven by passion to live in other countries and we comfortably ignore our roots. We don’t even have to talk about Indian born foreigners, we have such people in our midst that we get to meet in our daily life. This is my viewpoint:
1. We have to explore new grounds to pursue our goals.
2. We can move to other locations of the world driven by passion and is purely an individual’s discretion.
3. It needs a big effort to master a new language and why not go for it if there is an urge.

But but but this does not automatically mean we forget our mother tongue-Malayalam. We should give the same importance as we give the English language. I’m not saying we should be an expert but we should at least be able to read and write Malayalam. There is no point in calling one a malayalee if you don’t know how our letters look like. I’d only put the onus on the parents. They need to take the initiative to groom their lards when they are old enough to learn. We should encourage speaking our mother tongue at home. This is a good starter. I have never gone to any Malayalam medium school but yet I know to read and write my language. Thanks to my mom.

I think this is not just a matter of concern around Malayalees but I would have the same opinion about people from all the other regions of India.

Never forget that we are Indians first.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Who am I?

This post is in reply to Silverine's Tag where I am supposed to list 20 facts about myself. So here goes.

1. I'm the eldest of the two kids. I spent 3 months of my babyhood in kerala and from then on grew up in Dubai. I still have my soft corner towards that place. It’s the child’s memory that we carry through out our lives that bonds us to the places and things that we do. At least this is what I believe.

2. I have a brother who is 4 years younger to me. During our primary school days there is not a moment that we’ve not fought. Amma used to have a tough time keeping us quiet. We were poles apart, talking about poles we still are. Inspite of all that we are a very close-knit siblings.

3. My dad has a broad outlook about life. My mom was very conservative but through the years she’s learnt to follow some of my dads traits if not completely.

4. I was just an average student in school. I’ll beat anyone in the number of tuitions I’ve taken during my school days. (Any challenges?? ;-))

5. I’m an introvert but not to the complete meaning of it though, but at the same time I cannot tell I’m an extrovert either. I’m best described as a little of both flavors.

6. I do not make friends very easily, that does not make me a very rude person. :-). It is impossible for me to judge someone from the first meeting. I take a lot of time to study the person before I open up.

7. Once I make friends they are for life. I have a few with whom I am still in touch and our friendships been around since my kindergarten. So you know what friends mean to me :-)

8. I abhor sleeping in the afternoons whenever I’m at home coz it spoils the following evening.

9. I am a very honest person, lying would not take you anywhere. To cover 1 lie we need to say 100 different lies.

10. I am quite a restless person. I cannot sit idle for a very long time therefore look out for the things to do from hanging a picture on the wall to cleaning up my room.

11. I am a very short-tempered person, which is not a very good attribute to anyone for that matter. But ever since my better half has arrived I’ve leant to control it to a great extent. Kudos to her!!

12. I give up too easily. I can never win an argument.

13. I fight for my right whenever and wherever possible.

14. I am very forgiving and cannot keep a grudge with anyone for a long time. I always make the first move for reconciliation.

15. I am very close to my family. Cherish every moment whenever possible to be with my cousins/aunts/uncles/grand parents. I also value family more than anything else.

16. I love watching movies. But I don’t get the time now as much as I used to in the past.

17. I am a perfectionist even though I know it is impossible. Be it work or home or whatever I do, I try to do it to the fullest.

18. My hobbies include reading/pencil sketching and the newly developed skill on baby-sitting. It’s quite a challenge I should say but at the same time fun and exciting.

19. I am not religious. I believe in thinking good about others, doing good to others and in the end good will come to you.

20. I’ve been happily married for 7 years/5 months/29 days. Have two wonderful boys. The young one just arrived this year in Oct 24, 2005.

Phew!!!! Some blogging this. Anyone else would like to try doing it???

On that note since its New Years Eve. Here’s wishing all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.