Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Life on the SUPER fast lane


The characters mentioned below holds no resemblance to any person living or dead. If there is any then its purely coincidental.

The life on the SUPER fast lane is not so fast in the long run or is it???

Beep Beep Beep.....the alarm rings. He is still sleeping oblivious of the sound resonating in the air. Beep beep beep......this time it caught his attention. Half asleep he slowly looks for his clock, runs his arm around his pillow and under it, finally gets hold of the clock and sets it to snooze. He goes back to his slumber, 5 minutes later the alarm goes on again. Cursing the daylight he gets up at 6. With sleepy eyes he begins his morning chores.

In a distant not too far away she is almost finishing her last bit of work. She hurries through the last email and shuts down her PC. Dawn is just breaking through the night sky. Her chauffeur drives her home. Her eyes are tired and so is her mind and body. The only thing she needs now is a good sleep. She relaxes at the back of the car thinking about the events at work.

He is ready to start his day by 7 am. Looks for some left overs in the refrigerator for some breakfast and gets some of it. He quickly has some morsels and gulps some milk down his throat as he is already getting pretty late for work. He then realizes that his laptop is still at his work desk after his late night meeting with the clients the previous night. He gathers all the stuff and is ready to leave finally.

Ding Dong!!!

She gets home pretty quick due to the early morning hours. He opens the door.

"Good Morning darling, How was your day?"

"Oh the usual honey, I'm very tired and need to hit the bed"

"Ok then you get some rest, I'm off to work, Byeeeee"


If you haven't noticed, the above conversation happens in span of a few seconds because either of them are eager to get to their routines. Its not their fault, it is how their life style has made them to be. Knowingly or unknowingly they have accepted it. There is no time to think of anything else than their careers and their bank balances by the end of the month. The so called CORPORATE life has invaded into them. What they don't realize is the flip side of it. By the time they do, it would've been too late.

If they are lucky they might get a chance to meet over a weekend. The chances are also very remote because there is just too much work, that both of them have to sacrifice these little sweet moments in life. After all money is more important, remember!!!! The very purpose of life is redefined. There is NO life, so to speak. The bitter part of it is that the realization wave creeps in too late and there is no rolling back(as he/she could do it with a simple statement in a database, to speak in the technical language).

Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years. One day they are HIT by the great wave. They look back at their life, what did they achieve???? A whole lot of money. They have all the luxuries in the world you could imagine, they could afford the costliest car, they could travel at will.
-Did they have a life outside the four walls of their offices and their homes. No...
-Do they have any offspring. No.....Why?? Too busy to even think about it.
-Can they have any NOW? No.....Why?? Too late to bear one.
-Can they enjoy their life? No......Why?? The lifestyle has its ill effects on them.

This is not true to everybody living in the fast lane but it is something to ponder about. We have to find ways to balance work and life otherwise we won't have any real good one later in life.