Saturday, July 19, 2008

How many of you?????

There are a lot of common things we humans exhibit during our day to day activities, be it from doing our daily chores to going to a party or a movie, being with friends or having fun at the amusement part. Be warned it is not restricted to any region or community but the global race. It sounds a bit ironic but you will know why.......

How many of you scribble on a notepad or fiddle with an object while on the phone with someone (especially the land phone)?

How many of you are curious to gaze towards the same direction where others unknown to you are looking while you are walking down the street and finally end up looking right there?

How many of you get frustrated when there is a road block on the shortest route you chose thinking the regular route would be worse?

How many of you make hand gestures unintentionally during a conversation?

How many of you drive slowly when you see a police car?

How many of you have bought things in a supermarket under sale when you wouldn't have if there wasn't one?

How many of you have felt that always the queue next to you moves quicker than yours?

How many of you choose to sit on an empty seat rather than next to a stranger in a bus or a train?

How many of you start reading the newspaper from the back?

How many of you have felt lost or disconnected (so they say) when you had forgotten to take your mobile? This is a modern human behavior :-)

I'm pretty sure many would agree with my observations. Look around you and there will be more such interesting facts about human behavior irrespective of where we come from or the culture we follow.

Now you know why..... :-)