Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Pop Legend who will live forever

My introduction to pop music started with his ‘Thriller’ album. It was an instant hit. I remember my dad getting the VHS cassette of the ‘Making of the Thriller’. My brother and I must’ve seen it a 100 times. He is truly the King of pop. The songs are still fresh in my mind and takes me back to those days even now, when I listen to them. Michael Jackson is the best entertainer the world has ever produced.

The news about his death came as a shock to me. I don’t know why I did it but I downloaded all his hit albums and have been listening to them all over again. Wow…they are still so good to listen to.

There won’t be another Michael Jackson ever, at least in my life time.

Michael Jackson WAS, IS and WILL BE a star in everyones hearts forever. Thank you Michael. May your soul RIP.

As a tribute to Michael Joseph Jackson I did a pencil sketch of him.

Here is a 2 part video of Michael Jackson winning the Grammy Legend award in 1993.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The tag of Four!

The last time I was tagged was way back in January 2006 by Silverine. This time around its from Mathews. Thanks a lot. So here goes....

Four places you have lived

1. Dubai: The place I'll never forget in my life. I spent all of my childhood here. If given a chance to go back, I would still consider it. It has changed a lot through the years. I'm fortunate that my family links are still around over there. My options are open. :-)

2. Chennai: The most memorable times of my life was spent here. This was during my +2 education. It is here I learnt to be on my own and had the time of my life with my friends in the hostel.

3. Thodupuzha/Trivandrum: Rule of thumb says that I'm from Trivandrum since my mom is from there, but my parents are settled in Thodupuzha. My parents made it a point to visit Kerala once a year. The big family get together with grand parents and cousins are still very clear in my mind.

4. Bangalore: I was first in my family to migrate to the IT capital of India. My graduation and then followed by my corporate life began here. What stronger bond with this city do I need than to have my better half born and brought up from here. We've been settled here for a decade now.

Four TV shows you love(d) to watch

1. Allo Allo: Well...I'm not a TV watcher now-a-days and only see few episodes of the hit sitcoms here and there. The list of fours will therefore be from the 70's & 80's. This one is a British comedy set during World War II.

2. Fawlty Towers: This is again a famous British sitcom. The series focuses on a hotel manager who tries to take all effort in popularising his hotel and ends up in not doing so due to his mistakes and those of others.

3. Columbo: One of the best crime fiction TV series I've ever watched. The central character Lt. Columbo is a cool & polite detective whose mannerisms does not comply to a normal cop but in reality is a brilliant detective who solves crimes in the end.

4. Alfred Hitchcock presents (1985): This 30 min episodes was hit during the time. He was the master of mysteries.

Four places you have been on vacation

1. Singapore: It was an official trip for 3 days but I extended it for a week for a personal tour around the city. Amazing place and wish to go there again. I've written a travelogue about it too.

2. Paris: I was in Grenoble once. A city that overlooks the French Alps. After my 3 day stay at Grenoble, took a train to Paris. A very beautiful journey through the French country side. Paris, hmmm I'll save it for next time :-)

3. Stuttgart: I was on an official trip to Beoblingen. I took the opportunity to go here and also visit the wooded mountain range that they call the Black Forest.

4. Munnar: It is just about 80km from my home town Thodupuzha. The place is a lovely spot to spend a quiet honeymoon.

Four of your favourite food

1. Karimeen pollichathu: This should be one among the favourites of many malayalees. I don't think any fish in the world can beat the taste of a good Kerala style karimeen pollichathu. Slurp slurp....

2. Prawn Biryani: It is one of the very recent dishes that's crept into my long list of favourites. Truly mouth watering stuff this.

3. Chicken tikka masala: The taste that will last forever. My introduction to it was in at restaurant in Dubai. Never ever have I tasted it anywhere else until it was tried at home. It is the closest to the original (I had).

4. Kappa-meen curry: This is THE combination. Ohhhh don't have words to write about it.

I want to list more :-(

Four places you would rather be

1. Agra: I am yet to witness the grandeur of the Taj.

2. USA: The dream I have to fulfill before I bid adieu.

3. Europe: There are many more places I'd like to visit like Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and many more. Wish I could cover some of it if not all.

4. Africa: I would like to go on a adventure ride in the Serengeti National park. I've always loved wildlife and grew up watching numerous documentaries.

Four things you hope to do before you die

1. Own a Mercedes Benz: I am fascinated by cars. The Benz has an edge over other cars. I just wish I can have one before I hit the bucket.

2. Visit four places listed above: I share this too with Mathew.

3. Build a home: Share this with Mathew. Home, one of the basic need of a human be it your own or otherwise. I would like to have a home of my liking. Wonder if it would be possible with the prices running high every other day. ;-).

4. City of lights: I want to have the Las Vegas experience with my better half.

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time

1. The Count of Monte Cristo: One of Alexander Dumas's classics. The best vengeance story of all time.

2. Lord of the rings: As a child I loved fantasy movies and this one stands apart from all else. The biggest book I've ever read. The movie is also one of my favourites.

3. The Day After Tomorrow: You will know the meaning of the word unputdownable. A thriller by Allan Folsom.

4. The day of the jackal: Frederick Forsyth's superb spy thriller.

Four movies you can see over and over

1. The Godfather: The name says it all.

2. Kireedam: Mohan lal's performance of a lifetime. Wonder where that Lal has gone now-a-days.

3. Nayakan: Kamal Haasan does not need any introduction. His portrayal in this movie is worth 10 Oscars.

4. Schindler's list: I have read and seen a lot about the Jews genocides during World war II. Spielberg has captured the miserable plight of the Jews and their saviour very well in this movie.

There are many many more movies I can see over and over again.

So here is my tag of Four