Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Onam with a difference....

Onam beckons, the biggest festival of the state of Kerala. A time to rejoice, make merry with family and friends, buy new clothes, decorate the front of the houses with beautiful floral carpets made out of blossoms of different colours known as the 'pookkalam' and the most important part of the celebration, the 9 course (if I may call it :-)) luxurious lunch known as the 'sadya' on Thiruvonam day.

Onam is a 10 day long event starting from Atham (day 1) through till the grand finale on Thiruvonam (day 10). Malayalees all over the world celebrate with grandeur and festivity. The cities of Kerala witnesses spectacular parades of adorned elephants, fireworks displays and various arts and cultural programs. One of the main attractions of Onam is 'vallamkali' (grand snake boat race). Onam is a festival for all, when people from every class come together and celebrate the moment.

I am nostalgic. My memory takes me back to exactly a year earlier this day when all of my family members around the world met at our native home town. An unforgettable Onam of 2008.

This Onam is different. We are thousands of miles away for the very first time and remembering our folks at home during this Onam. It is going to be a very reserved one this time around but a happy one. An off day for me and the boys, a sumptuous lunch and a day with my family.

Onam with a difference....

Wish you all a very Happy Onam!!!