Saturday, April 30, 2016

A time with family and friends

Day 13 - Day 17 - (April 27 - April 30)
The next few days we spent visiting friends and having dinner & lunch parties with them. It was such a heartwarming experience to be in their company, having a drink together and finally top it up with some mouthwatering dishes. We will surely miss them.

We were scheduled to return on May 1 to Bangalore. My brother and I wanted to have one last family time before we left. We did a grand BBQ party for lunch and a superb full fledge dinner at home on April 30th. There were so many dishes and each of them were one better than the other. Cheese cake to top it all. Yumm…..

Day 18 - May 1, 2016

The day had finally come to return back to Bangalore. The last 3 weeks were filled with fun and memories that would stay with us forever. I’ve tried to bring our experience as much as I could in this travelogue.

I am a person who believes that when the time is right all good things falls into place. The time was right for us and this chapter in our lives became a reality.
If ever we get another chance we will go again to another destination and of course a blog will follow :-)

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